Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Weekend

I love the weekends!  Here is pretty much all we did today~ had breakfast, went to Target, got a big box of Texas Tech stuff from Paige, and played!

I love how he proudly wears Paige's hats!  This went on for quite a while this evening!

Friday was our 100th Day of school!  Here are a few cute pictures of my class~

I bought this to surprise them with at snack time!  They loved it!

They were all making their "cheesy faces" like Beau makes!

We put together 100 piece puzzles.  We went searching for more because I only had 3 and no one else in the whole school had 100 piece puzzles!  My class felt pretty cool that they got to do such big puzzles!

They all brought 100 of something in a baggie~ pretzels, M&M's, nuts, etc.  Then we weighed them against each other to see which weighed the most.  Then I mixed it all in a HUGE baggie and they all got a cup full.  They took it upon themselves to sort and then line it all up.  I thought that was pretty cool!

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