Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring 2010

I can't believe Beau is already 8 months old! He is growing so much and learning so many new things! Yesterday he was flipping around in his crib like a fish out of water! It was hilarious! He scoots all over the floor, mostly he's either searching for his pacifier or trying to eat the carpet! So needless to say my new hobby is vacuuming EVERY DAY!! I love this baby more than life itself and couldn't imagine life any other way! Here are some pictures from the past few months.

I was in the kitchen and came in and found him like this! Some body's just learned how to move around!!

In Lawrence visiting the Buhler/Dillon family!

Beau LOVES his jumper-roo!!!

Sitting up for the first time!!

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  1. YAY, you FINALLY did another blog entry!!! Erin, your family is so beautiful, and I am just loving that little boy of yours. He is so precious and those blue eyes-wow! I sure do wish we lived closer, I miss my Erin! Thanks for the update. Love y'all!!