Monday, September 21, 2009

We interrupt this marriage to bring you football season!

Well, football season is back in full swing! It's been fun taking Beau to his daddy's games and I know Paige loves that he has a son he can share his passion with! We have had 4 games and are 3 and 1. This past weekend, Annie and Paul came in from Lawrence to go to the game with us. We won and had a great time.

On another note, I LOVE being on maternity leave! I LOVE being home with Beau to witness how he's changing and all the new things he's doing each day. I'm going to need some therapy when I have to go back to work. :( At least I still have til November 2nd.

This past Wednesday my school had a shower for Beau! It was SO nice and he got some really awesome things! His new favorite toy is his floor gym. Thanks to my friends at work! He has been batting at the rattles that hang down and loves looking at himself in the mirror. He has even started smiling and giggling A LOT! I love this little kid! Here's some pictures from these past few weeks.

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  1. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I can't get over how cute he is and how great you look! Yall are such an adorable family. I'm glad the season is going good for yall! Miss ya:)