Saturday, December 1, 2012

Buddy the Elf

Beau's elf is here! Now, I know Buddy's not really an original name for an elf but Beau likes it, and I think once he sees the movie, Elf, he'll think it's cool.  His elf has been up to no good here at our house lately.  Paige and I can't decide if we're doing this new little Christmas tradition more for our enjoyment or Beau's.  To be honest, Beau doesn't really like Buddy!  He's starting to think some of the things he's doing are funny but then he's over it and wants me to "put Buddy back on your tree where he goes!" That's what he told this morning.  :)  So here are some of things Buddy has done so far~

The first morning Buddy came, he brought Beau a breakfast straight from The North Pole! 

He wasn't too sure about that elf!

Spelling his name.  "That spells Beau! B-E-A-U!"

Reading the letter Santa sent that tells all about Buddy! He even mentioned how he heard Beau wants Batman stuff and a castle!  He got a kick out of that!

Keeping an eye on that elf!

I'm not too sure about this, Mom!

Loving the donuts and marshmallows and kisses.

Buddy's spot on the tree.

One night, he stole all the candy canes off the tree!

Caught playing with Beau's stickers! He wants to be just like Beau!

I think he's playing Santa here!

He must see Beau looking at the toy magazine a lot!  I guess Buddy wants a batman house too!

watching tv

He got jealous of the angel's view form the top and switched their spots!
And in case you didn't believe me that Beau doesn't like Buddy, here's the proof!  I couldn't find him the other night and then Beau went over and pushed the stool and said, "You stay there, Buddy!" :)  Poor Buddy!

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  1. Haha! I definitely know who is having the most fun here... LOVE IT! :) XOXO