Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beau's 2nd Birthday

How has it already been 2 years since my sweet baby boy was born???  I really can't believe how much joy he has brought us and how so deeply in love I am with him!! I'm obsessed with my child!  Oh well! 

For his birthday, we had everyone over for a late afternoon cookout, Cars themed party!  Have I mentioned how obsessed Beau is with Cars, Cars, Cars??!!  That's all he talks about even in his sleep.  (Fact: the other night, he was asleep and he said, "cars, cars, cars."  It was hilarious! 

Also, this past weekend, Aaron and Kristen Flores and their daughter Ryann came in town.  It was so good seeing them.  They are our good friends from Butler but they moved a few weeks ago to Mississippi and we are so excited because that means they are only about 5 hours away! 

We had a great weekend and we are so glad that everyone could be at Beau's birthday party!

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