Saturday, April 2, 2011


Beau is changing so much lately!  He is now saying so many words~ ot ot for hot, kneeeee, cheese, mo mo for more, bye bye, he calls my mom danny (we think he's trying to say grammy and it's coming  out danny!!....there's probably mo but I can't remember.  He is also throwing some massive temper tantrums!  He must get that from Paige!!  (I can say that because he isn't here to defend himself!)  He grabs my face and hair and will chuck his pacie, or whatever he can find, when he's mad.  Then, just like that, he snaps out of it.  He's a mess, and I love every minute of it!
Last week we flew to Atlanta for my spring break.  Now Beau has officially flown 20 times and he is only 19 months old!  It sure was much easier when he was smaller.  Luckily, we were surrounded by a college basketball team on the way to Atlanta, and they were so nice to him.  They were high-fiving him and clapping for him when he was doing his pacie trick.  They kept him entertained.  Or maybe he kept them entertained!  Anyway, it was so nice to be home!  We got to see some family that we had not seen in so long and meet my cousin's two little babies.  They are 1 and 2 years old so it was really fun seeing all the babies play together!
Here are some pictures of Beau from the past few weeks.  I will add more later...

We have to get him a cowboy hat like Brycen's!!

This boy LOVES closing himself between doors!  What's up with that?!?

I love this one.  I wonder what they are talking about?

Here he is having a tantrum, ripping out the grass!  WOW!

In our old swing from when we were little!!

I tried to get a picture of Beau and little Lisa playing... I will have to add more from the other cameras later.  They were so cute playing together!


Beau LOVES skyping with Paige!  It's seriously so cute!  We practically skyped all day today.

My daddy cracks me up!!

Skyping with Paige

Playing with his cars

Smelling a Scentsy.  He loves these things!

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