Sunday, October 3, 2010

      What a wonderful weekend!  Butler won and now we are number 1 in the nation!  The Braves are going to the playoffs!  The weather is BEAUTIFUL!  I just love this time of year!  Here's some pictures from the weekend.

       Beau was so cute watching the Braves today in his little outfit!  This hat is way too small but he had so much fun taking it on and off his head!  He's so animated!  I love it!

 He loves playing with his "baw!"  He loves throwing it and then he claps and crawls SO fast to get it!  So adorable.  :)

So I put him in this and was pulling him around the house.  Despite the look on his face, he really loved it!  No lie!

 He loves this train and loves turning all the pages and dancing to the music!

 Cracking up at the train!  I love it!  Sweetest sound I've ever heard!

Sending Daddy off to Garden City.
 BIG hug!!!!!!  (Look at his face in the mirror!  So sweet!)

Anything you can do, I can do better!
 Hummm.  I'm gonna get those teeth!!

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